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Back from New Hampshire

Yesterday was a long day as I woke up at 3am ET/ 2am CT to get to Logan for my 6am flight back home to Chicago. After trying to get standby on a direct flight requiring a second trip through security and a slow blue line train back from the airport, I made it to the office at 11am. My concentration gave way around 4.30 so I joined the rest of the team packing up ahead of today's move to our new office. After some laundry, some baseball and some quality time with the cat I was in bed by 10pm.
In Franconia New Hampshire I was able to get out and run without hitting too many hills or running into any bears! The scenery was just incredible as I chugged along at 7:12 per mile for 3 miles. I was suprised how the temperature dropped on the drive up from Boston. By the time we hit Franconia notch it was time to put the roof up and pull on a sweater.
This morning I made it out of bed at 6am as the sun blazed through my windows off Lake Michigan. In a change from my regular route I let my iPod Nano find the half way point of my 3 mile run as I ran along the lake front and around Montrose Harbor. The Sport Kit still isn't calibrated so it reported 0.08 miles further than the run measured on WalkJogRun (of course that is on the assumption that WJR is the definitive answer to running distances :-) ). It felt good and the pace of 7:48 per mile was pretty good. My legs are recovered from the marathon now so I think it's time to start building up my runs again but I need to pick a race to train for. I get married 6 weeks from now so something in 5 weeks is probably a good stopping point to make sure my honeymoon doesn't interrupt the training!