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Exhausted but still running

After my commitment yesterday to running today I managed to get up and run 3 this morning for an average of 8:12 per mile. This week I've only been out twice so far as things have been crazy at work but next week should finally bring some relief. Melissa is home from Boston today too and she usually helps motivate me to run in the mornings.
I'm behind on my 80 miles in 4 weeks challenge at 17.2 miles complete with 13 days left! The Nike+ goal monitor suggests that I am 8.5 miles behind my target but I'm not sure how that works since 13 days is over halfway. To catch up I'm going to have to run 63 miles in 13 days or just under 5 miles per day. An alternative would be 6 miles a day for 6 days a week so I at least get 1 day off. It's a crazy challenge but now I'm feeling a little more energy I may just give it a try.