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Holy Low Flying Aircraft

I thought I was going to hit 6 today but a last minute change of plans due to the failure of the Holiday Inn to block off rooms for our wedding in 5 weeks had me frantically calling around hotels. After the calls I decided to address the problem of my Nike iPod Sport Kit and the inconsistent readings. Specifically, the shoe pocket I had been using appears to have allowed the sensor to flop around too much so I suspect it was missing steps as I ran. The result was that over the same measured 3 mile route I have been training on for months it represented the distance anywhere between 2.6 miles and 3.2 miles.
First I tried some velcro to attach the sensor to my shoe but the velcro was in no way good enough to hold the sensor firm as I run so I went to the alternate plan. Using a craft knife I carved a sensor size hole underneath the innersole of my left Nike Air Triax 9 shoe. Interestingly enough there appeared to be a chamber in the middle of my arch just wide enough to house the sensor at the right depth so that when I placed the sensor in there and replaced the inner sole it was impossible to detect. I'm not sure if I've ruined my shoes by destroying the scientifically created tension or balance of my shoe but the ensuing 3 mile run measured about 100 yards longer than the 3 miles it was supposed to register so I'm satisfied with the solution. I'm going to calibrate it this weekend (yes, I know, I have said that before) and then see how it goes. My feet feel fine incidentally so we shall see if there are any longer term effects after a few weeks and many more miles.
Today I clocked 23:45 for the 3.1 miles or a pace of 7:39 per mile and I feel pretty good. After the ring shopping today if I have enough energy, I may head down to the track near Michigan Avenue and calibrate the sensor there since it's the only track I know of near here.
Oh, and the low flying aircraft title was meant to be a post about how, during the run, an American Airlines 767 flew just a few hundred feet in the air over the lake as I was running. This weekend is the Air and Water show in Chicago and I guess it marks the start of the event. In a post 9/11 world, it freaked me out to see a passenger plane running parallel to Lake Shore drive towards the John Hancock building and the Sears Tower. Since then I've watched a stealth bomber, a refuelling aircraft and what looked like a Tornado come whizzing past our lounge window which looks out over the lake from the 9th floor.