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Sluggish but running

This week I feel like I've been drugged every morning when I get up so the whole day has been spent in a daze. This morning is no exception and so it was a sluggish 3 mile run this morning at 30:26. Yawn. I hope something changes today and I start to feel a little more awake all day. Tomorrow I want to squeeze a long run in so hopefully the cobwebs will be gone. I must admit I've been skipping breakfast but I can't imagine that would have such a huge impact on my day.
I've got 6 days left on my 80 mile challenge and I'm only half way there at 36.2 miles in the preceeding 3 weeks. I have at least used the challenge as a motivator to get out and run a little further each week, with this week at 15 miles. I think that once I am done with the 80 miles per week challenge next Friday I'll start a set training plan rather than my ad hoc approach I've been doing since the marathon. Maybe a marathon in late November is doable…