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30 miles short with 2 days left

Yet I'm still 4 miles ahead of my target. I'm going to send Nike a screenshot of my goal from the Nike+ site to let them know there may be a bug with their goal calculations. I certainly don't think I'll be running 15 miles comfortably each day for the next 2 days :-) This morning Melissa and I completed 4.26 miles in 39:38 or a 9:18 pace according to my newly calibrated iPod Nano so I suspect it is still a little out as far as accuracy by about 50 yards per mile now compared to 200 yards per mile but it is good enough for me.
It occurred to me as we ran this morning that a great new feature for the Sport Kit would be a pacer or pace advisor that you either set before your workout begins or can control as you run. Basically you could not only set the distance but select pace segments or minimally a pace for the whole run. Then, as you run, the voice would give you feedback every 30 seconds or so if you were over a certain threshold above or below your target pace for the last 30 seconds. For example, your target pace is 9:00 per mile so if you were running 9:30 it would let you know that you were 30 seconds slower than your target pace. I think this would be a huge advantage for new runners who may not have the experience to gauge their pace. As it stands you can still do this with the Sport Kit now but it means checking the display over and over which could be dangerous on a busy street. You can also hit the button to hear the announcement but until the kit allows you to customize the announcements to just report pace it is a little long winded when you hear total time, total distance, pace and calories every time.