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1.3 miles ahead of my target

After starting my new goal on Friday I am now 1.3 miles ahead of my target according to the Nike+ site after Melissa and I ran a beautiful 5 mile run this morning. We stayed in bed as long as possible before heading out for Melissa's longest run since last summer. Rather than just going out fast and then struggling at the end, I decided to keep our pace at or around 9:30 per mile. After we finished Melissa suggested that she probably could have gone 6 at that pace so that worked out perfectly. I wish I had learned more about the effect of consistent pace earlier in my training for San Francisco instead of the last 3 weeks!
I feel really confident that I can get a sub 4:00 finish in my next marathon with a closer eye on pace during my training. I'm considering Arizona's Rock and Roll Marathon at this point but that means many long winter miles in Chicago. After that I was thinking about the Country Music Marathon in Nashville for the end of April but that requires me to wear my iPod all the way round (not being a Country music fan). I may consider a return to San Francisco for July but definitely the Chicago marathon next year in October. Whew.