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On Target This Week

I'm glad to report that I'm still on track today after 3 miles today and 11 miles so far this week. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and then 5 at marathon pace on Saturday, 8 easy on Sunday.
It has taken me nearly a month to get back on a schedule after my first marathon at the end of July. I had read that it takes that long to recover physically but for me I just hadn't worked out what to run next. I don't know if deep in my brain, my body was numbing the ambition part of my brain to stop me from hurting myself with training too soon but either way, it's good to be back.
This time around the Intermediate I plan by Hal Higdon means only 1 true rest day and one day of cross training so I'm trying to eat much better than before. First I'm eating my oatmeal each morning and a one-a-day multi-vitamin. For my mid-morning snacks I'm eating a yoghurt and a banana, a sandwich for lunch and then almonds mid-afternoon. I've been drinking 32oz of water between 9 and 1, then the same again until 5. The net result is that I've been feeling less like snacking and a little less tired in the evenings, I've even been able to concentrate a little better in the new office too.
As far as my 55 miles in 4 weeks goal, I'm 5.2 miles ahead of that target at 16.7 miles with 22 days left. If I stick to my training plan I should smash that target and earn my first Nike+ medal.