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Running towards my wedding

It's the Monday before my wedding and my future bride and I managed to get out and run just over 5k today to help keep us trim before the wedding. The wedding is in Cape Cod so we're out by her mom's house near Boston for the week playing host as my parents arrive from England at lunchtime today.
The terrain here in Norfolk, Mass. is more like Wisconsin than Chicago with rolling hills and lots of trees. There was a cool low fog hanging around for the run so it was really pretty to see the fall foliage as we ran. Melissa and I had on our matching WalkJogRun t-shirts so it probably looked really nerdy but who cares! I'm so glad we run together – it really helps cut the tension of last minute wedding preparation, especially since we run together because it really helps us to reconnect when we've been getting testy about who sits where :-) Off to get the marriage license now so I'll get going.