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One Day to the Wedding

Tomorrow I will be getting married to Melissa at 5pm in Cape Cod after over a year of planning and preparation. This week has been exhausting as my family all flew to Boston from England and I've shown them around the sights. Two days ago we even got to walk on the field at Fenway and look behind the Green Monster scoreboard thanks to her parent's neighbour who is the chief groundkeeper there.
We ran yesterday but the temperature in the mornings is down to a chilly 40 something with highs in the 70s later in the day. I only brought shorts and t-shirts so it's a little cold to start but it gets better later into the run. We've been doing a simple 3.2 mile loop around the neighborhood and I would recommend this to anyone in the final preparation for anything stressful like a wedding or exams. We both arrive home in much better mental states than when we leave and it helps keep us calm.
Kieran, one of my groomsmen, has offered to come for a run with me tomorrow so I just mapped out an 8.3 mile route from the hotel in Falmouth, MA along the beach and back called “Getting Married Today”. It may be truncated depending on the festivities during and after the rehearsal dinner tonight!