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Chicago Marathon 2006

On Sunday morning we woke up to watch the Chicago Marathon come past our building at Lakeshore and Addison. We watched the start on TV before heading downstairs to catch the elite runners. We are just after mile 7 on the course so the runners were upon us in about 35 minutes. I missed the […]

Slacker week

I've been pretty sick this week after my first run on Tuesday. Stomach sickness, stuffy head and exhausted much of the time so this morning it felt good to get out and run a 10k long run in 53:08, or a pace of 8:29 per mile. I also took care to stretch a little before […]

Two more runs and one race

Well, almost. Saturday morning we got up and ran the 5k Liver Wellness race. We didn't really race, and it didn't seem to make a difference either way because the numbers we were given weren't recorded anywhere against our name so had we clocked a PR it wouldn't be recorded anywhere for posterity. We made […]

My arms! Ow!

I woke up yesterday morning to a frozen Chicago and decided that, after sitting in 80 degree heat on a beach in Greece less than a week ago, it was too early to be brave and pull on my winter running kit and do my 3 miles. Originally I thought I'd just move the run […]

Running with my wife

Just returned from my first 3.2 mile run with Melissa as husband and wife. Before the wedding running together was a great way to reconnect in the midst of all the planning stress. Now the pressure off it's just great to wake up and do something before we dive into our email and Good Morning […]

Chilly Run

This morning I was able to get up at 6am to head outside for my 3 mile run to get things going again after a 2 week honeymoon hiatus. I jumped on the scales yesterday morning and saw that 2 weeks in Greece had put the 20 pounds back on that I had lost during […]

Home from Greece

We returned from the honeymoon yesterday after just over 20 hours of travelling. Today was back to work and tomorrow is the restart of my training. I only managed one 3 mile run and a 10 mile hike while away but I don't feel too bad. The 3 mile run was an 8:10 pace run […]