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Home from Greece

We returned from the honeymoon yesterday after just over 20 hours of travelling. Today was back to work and tomorrow is the restart of my training. I only managed one 3 mile run and a 10 mile hike while away but I don't feel too bad. The 3 mile run was an 8:10 pace run around the Venetian Port of Chania in Greece. I was suprised at the pace given that I ran at 6pm in the evening and the waterfront is strewn with bars and restaurants with tourists ambling along without a care in the world. More than one time I thought I might slip and end up in water! The 10 mile hike was a picturesque 6 hour hike through the Samaria Gorge in Crete. We started at the top of a mountain and hike through the gorge to the sea where we sunbathed and swam the rest of the afternoon before taking a boat back to our bus.