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Chilly Run

This morning I was able to get up at 6am to head outside for my 3 mile run to get things going again after a 2 week honeymoon hiatus. I jumped on the scales yesterday morning and saw that 2 weeks in Greece had put the 20 pounds back on that I had lost during my marathon training. Eek! Too much feta, too many gyros and too much good food in general, not to mention the plentiful Mythos beer and Boutari wine ;-) The run was actually 3.11 miles and I was able to run it in 24:51 for an average pace of 7:59 per mile.
I uploaded the last 4 runs from the last 3 weeks to NikePlus from my iPod and realized that I had missed my 55 miles in 4 weeks goal which wasn't exactly suprising so I reset it this morning and fully expect to make it this time.