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I'm really frustrated this morning. The dull ache running along my ankle turned into a sharp pain when I ran just a half mile this morning to the point that I had to walk home. This feels like the last time I fractured my ankle playing soccer.

ING Georgia Marathon

It's semi-official now – I'm planning to run the inaugural ING Georgia Marathon. I know, I know, I said I would run Arizona a while back but money was going to be too tight for a flight there. I've booked 2 nights at the Omni Hotel at the great rate of $109 per night so […]

Avoid the Chicago Turkey Trot

Melissa and I ran the 29th Annual Turkey Trot sponsored by Momentum yesterday. Parking was great although we really should have walked down since it was so close. The parking was the only positive thing we experienced after that regarding race logistics. We arrived almost an hour before the start so we wandered around the […]

Late night, early run

I was half asleep for my 4.2 mile run this morning after a late night working on some goals for the WalkJogRun website. It occurred to me that the website is less like a conversation and more like a series of soundbites. I will be working on the site over the coming weeks to make […]

Steady Sunday Long Run

After a late night last night it was time to do my long run. I started just before noon on a slightly different course than usual, heading north from Addison up to Foster, along the lake front all the way to Belmont harbor then back around to Addison again for a 10k. All the way […]

Here comes the snow

Apparently we have snow coming to town this evening so it was good to get my third run of the week out of the way with my wife Melissa who is now a licensed attorney in Illinois! I'm not sure how many more weekday morning runs we'll get in together after today due to the […]

Fastest 5 mile / 8k run!

Yesterday I was supposed to run my interval training but I woke up and felt exhausted after an 11 hour work day so I pushed it off to today. I wasn't in the mood to run at all when I woke up today so I was planning to just run 3 or 4 but by […]

Long time no blog

Well, I just looked at the entry list and it appears I haven't been back here to blog about my running since October 25th! Where to start? Since then I ran seven times: Sat Oct 28th – 4.28 miles – 40:06 – 9:21 pace Tue Oct 31st – 3.21 miles – 29:43 – 9:14 pace […]