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Long time no blog

Well, I just looked at the entry list and it appears I haven't been back here to blog about my running since October 25th! Where to start? Since then I ran seven times:
Sat Oct 28th – 4.28 miles – 40:06 – 9:21 pace
Tue Oct 31st – 3.21 miles – 29:43 – 9:14 pace
Wed Nov 1st – 5.61 miles – 45:53 – 8:10 pace (intervals)
Thu Nov 2nd – 4.16 miles – 35:12 – 8:27 pace
Sat Nov 4th – 10k – 50:39 – 8:08 pace
That last entry I'm particularly proud of since that marks my personal best for a 10k. My iPod Nano is slightly misleading in that before I calibrated it, the pace and distances reported were faster and longer than I actually ran by about 20 seconds per mile and 200m per mile respectively. Consequently on Saturday when I ran the 50:39 I thought I was shooting for 51:39 anyway so thought I'd smashed it, but when neither Lance Armstrong nor Paula Ratcliffe came on my headphones to congratulate me I was disappointed to discover that my iPod thought my PR was 50:37. Regardless, I'm excited to have a 10k PR of 50:39!
Today I ran a 4.1 mile in 31:27 for an 8:23 pace in some crazy fog which is still smothering Chicago. It was 49 degrees so it felt really comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. The damp close air meant every smell hung in the air so as I ran along I picked up the scent of wet leaves and dogs trotting by with their running owners. I have to say that the Nike Interval Training I mix available on the Apple store has really helped me focus my training and improve my times already even though I've only run it twice so far. I think it helps me learn about my own thresholds hence the 10k performance.
Another satisfying result for me over the weekend was that my 10k pushed my mileage past my goal of 55 miles in 4 weeks with 5 days to spare! The Nike+ website gave me a virtual medal which now appears in my records page and so I set my next goal at 60 miles in 4 weeks between Sat 4th November and Fri 2nd December. I figure that increasing my goal by 5 miles over 4 weeks shouldn't kill me but will keep me moving in the right direction.
Lastly, I wanted to share some health benefits to the running I have blogged about for the last 6 months. When I started blogging it roughly coincided with a cholesterol test when the Doctor pointed out that my blood pressure was elevated and my bad cholesterol too. My Doctor wanted me to come back in 6 months for a review to see how I was doing. During the 6 months I focussed on my training for the marathon, ate a little better as preparation for my wedding and started taking a multi-vitamin. I still ate pizza once a week at the company meeting and regularaly snack size snickers (guilty pleasure) from the company candy bowls but overall I tried to eat less fat, more whole grain and more vegetables. Yesterday I receieved the good news that my cholesterol was down 15 points and my blood pressure was 118 over 90. The interesting thing about the blood pressure was that when the nurse took it on Friday I misheard her and thought she said 180 over 90 which left me panicking over the weekend. All I could find on the web was that 130+ is considered high so 180 was off the scale! Fortunately when the doctor called with my cholesterol results yesterday she cleared it up for me. I'm trying to cut out the snack size snickers now so that when I go back in May again I hope to see a continued decline in bad cholesterol.
I'll try to blog more regularly again from this point forward and keep you updated on my interval training and the 60 miles in 4 weeks goal. If anyone wants to keep up, feel free to add comments with your distances and times!