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Fastest 5 mile / 8k run!

Yesterday I was supposed to run my interval training but I woke up and felt exhausted after an 11 hour work day so I pushed it off to today. I wasn't in the mood to run at all when I woke up today so I was planning to just run 3 or 4 but by the time I got down to the lake front path I decided that if I couldn't do the interval training 5 miles I would at least try to do a hard 5 miles. I finally finished collecting my training log in excel yesterday and created a chart showing my pace over the last 9 months of running with the distance of each run as a separate series.

As you can see from my chart despite increasing my mileage for the marathon I've been pretty consistent, hovering around an 8:30 pace for most of my training. With that information I decided to try to push myself to an 8 minute mile pace but wound up running 5 miles in 38:37 or an average of 7:43 per mile! This beats my 39:59 Shamrock Shuffle pace which was my PR for 8k until today.