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Steady Sunday Long Run

After a late night last night it was time to do my long run. I started just before noon on a slightly different course than usual, heading north from Addison up to Foster, along the lake front all the way to Belmont harbor then back around to Addison again for a 10k. All the way from Foster to Belmont harbor I was faced with some seriously cold and strong wind and at 43 degrees I was glad I had wrapped up. Needless to say the wind pulled my time down from an initial 5:00 per kilometer to 5:20 so I finished in 52:45 or an average of 8:21 per mile. I think I'll have to work out which way the wind is blowing next time and if it's the same, run the opposite way to take full advantage when running the lake front. The turnaround advantage isn't there on this route since as soon as you get away from the water there are trees to break down the wind so I never got that push.