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ING Georgia Marathon

It's semi-official now – I'm planning to run the inaugural ING Georgia Marathon. I know, I know, I said I would run Arizona a while back but money was going to be too tight for a flight there. I've booked 2 nights at the Omni Hotel at the great rate of $109 per night so on Friday (payday) I'll register for the race and besides a flight, that makes it official in my book.
I backed out the weeks and realized that there are just 17 weeks left to go until the race (instead of the ideal 18). The first week mileage on the Hal Higdon training plan for novices (this will be my second marathon) is 15 miles so I ran 4.2 today to make sure my total for last week matched that to make sure I was on target. This means I'm doing 3 miles Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a 7 mile run on Saturday and cross training on Sunday.
For San Francisco I had the goal of finishing and joined the 9:00 mile pace group to run a 4 hour marathon and ended up finishing in 4:06. This time around I want to up the ante and go for a 3:45 finish or an 8:35 pace. I haven't seen anything about pace groups on the site yet but I expect I would need to join the 8:30 group or an 8:45 with a boost at the end.
According to the VDOT Power Tables by Jack Daniels, I'm currently at VDOT 39 which means this weeks runs need to be at or around a 7:56 pace for the three mile runs and a 8:15 pace for my 7 mile long run next Saturday. I'm glad to say that i think this is doable at this point! I'm going to try to find an 8k race for December 4th to see how I am doing.