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Nike Amp+

A colleague told me about a rumored new wrist device for the Nike+ so I dug around and found a couple of descriptions (look under media players). As I've blogged before, the issue with the Nike+ sport armband is that the display panel is hidden beneath the neoprene so there is no way to see your pace as you are running or setup your run without shuffling the neoprene down. I discovered recently that it's pretty hard to use the touch sensitive dial with gloves on which meant I had to remove my glove to adjust the volume on an icy morning.
The Nike Amp+ should solve most of the problems of the armband by offering a wrist mounted display and remote control for the iPod Nano so you can just glance at your wrist to view current pace, duration or distance and then skip songs or pause your workout without the potential of hitting the wrong button through the neoprene.
I couldn't find anywhere mentioning a release date but it looks like it will be around $80 so save your Christmas money!