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Friday Funk

I'm so glad today was a rest day ahead of my 12 mile run tomorrow – I woke up with a stonking headache, most likely caused by not drinking enough water yesterday. I am trying to break my starbucks habit too – only picking up coffee every other day. I'm not abandoning the beans altogether […]

Lazy days

I'm getting into the habit of procrastinating lately. I have a fairly flexible start time at work but I prefer to arrive around 9am. However, I usually fuss around on my laptop checking that WalkJogRun is running smoothly, checking my email etc while I wait for my oatmeal to cook and the coffee to brew. […]

Midweek miles piling up

Today was the first 6 mile midweek run for me and I'm glad to say it went off without a hitch with a time of 48:51. I hit the snooze for 20 minutes to try to sleep off the last of the ballpark hotdogs I scoffed as the Cubs beat the Nationals last night at […]

Hard to get up

Silly season finale of Grey's Anatomy on the DVR meant that I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night so my 6.20am run this morning slipped to 7am. That said, once I started running with Melissa it was suprisingly easy to get into my stride and finish the three miles. It was especially […]

Cross-training Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Having family 4000 miles away in England means Mother's day is a phone call away so it was a pleasant surprise to see that the gym was practically empty this morning as I rolled up to do my cross training swim for the day. The best part about swimming the day after […]

Guinness is good for you

Apparently Guinness helps you run faster – after a few pints last night I didn't feel like running today at all but to my surprise I made it home in 55:16 for 7 miles which is an average of 7:53 per mile. Either way, I'm still glad I got out and run instead of vegging […]

Ugh. Motivation

I'm procrastinating by writing this. I'm not up for the 7 miles today after a semi-late night last night with the Chicago Flickr Meetup Group. Of course I'm going to run but I just need one more cycle of Weather on the 8s ;-) It's about 50 something outside which I prefer on longer runs. […]

Rest for the Wicked

One thing I like about following a pre-defined training plan by someone in the know is that they actually schedule the rest days for you. Following Hal Higdon's plan I get Monday and Friday off completely and Sunday is reserved for leisurely cross training so a little swimming eases up the muscles for me after […]

Wet and windy run

I typically run first thing in the morning before my brain wakes up to try and convince me that running is a bad idea. Even that little trick struggles on mornings like today – when the alarm went off at 6.20am and I could hear the cars on Lake Shore Drive splashing through puddles I […]

My First Marathon

I am training for my first marathon right now so for posterity and as encouragement for anyone considering their own first marathon, I wanted to create a blog of my day to day challenges involved in running. My marathon is the San Francisco marathon on July 31st 2006 but before I get into the day […]