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Running towards my wedding

It's the Monday before my wedding and my future bride and I managed to get out and run just over 5k today to help keep us trim before the wedding. The wedding is in Cape Cod so we're out by her mom's house near Boston for the week playing host as my parents arrive from […]

Another wet and windy morn

I looked out of the bedroom window this morning and saw trees being whipped about by wind and rain. Hmmm, I think I'll do 3 instead of 5 today. I put on my long sleeved shirt on the assumption that it was pretty cold out there too and headed downstairs. The rain backed off almost […]

No Birthday PR

I scuttled around my 3.04 mile course in 23:06 or 7:35 per mile to try to beat a PR for my birthday today but fell short. Today I'm 32 and I wanted to see if I could break my 7:22 fastest mile or 21:55 for a 5k. Despite missing the target I still fell like […]

On Target This Week

I'm glad to report that I'm still on track today after 3 miles today and 11 miles so far this week. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and then 5 at marathon pace on Saturday, 8 easy on Sunday. It has taken me nearly a month to get back on a schedule after my first […]

Hacking the iPod Nike Sport Kit

This morning when Melissa and I walked up the steps to the running path along the drive I hit the Nike+ Sport Kit button to begin my workout to see the ominous message along the lines of “You must first attach the receiver before commencing your workout”. That's what happens to me when I am […]

Setting goals

This morning marks the start of my over ambitious plan for the next year to complete 4 marathons, starting with Arizona January 14th, Nashville April 28th, San Francisco July 29th and then sweet home Chicago October ???. I'm not sure of the exact date of the Chicago marathon next year since the 2006 marathon isn't […]

1.3 miles ahead of my target

After starting my new goal on Friday I am now 1.3 miles ahead of my target according to the Nike+ site after Melissa and I ran a beautiful 5 mile run this morning. We stayed in bed as long as possible before heading out for Melissa's longest run since last summer. Rather than just going […]

Tiered run, tired run

I just finished my breakfast after a hard run this morning. It was only 3 miles but I chose to run it at 9:00 minutes per mile then 8:00 for mile 2 and finish at 7:00 for mile 3. It's challenging to keep picking up the pace and hold it to the point that I […]

30 miles short with 2 days left

Yet I'm still 4 miles ahead of my target. I'm going to send Nike a screenshot of my goal from the Nike+ site to let them know there may be a bug with their goal calculations. I certainly don't think I'll be running 15 miles comfortably each day for the next 2 days :-) This […]

Calibrating the iPod Nano Sport Kit

I finally made a point of calibrating the Sport Kit this morning after over 5 weeks of threatening to do it! I decided to run downtown to the track at Lake Shore Park where it is rumored Oprah trains. According to my math on WalkJogRun it should be 4.21 miles each way. I reached the […]