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Bowing out of Chicago

Sunday was a huge red flag for me and after a bad year of running I have decided to back out of running the Chicago marathon. It started in January with tendonitis holding me back from starting my training early. I trained for the San Diego marathon but lacked the discipline of last year when […]


Nearly three weeks ago I posted about a training plan to ramp up from the Chicago Distance Classic to the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. It's over a month to the race and I'm reconsidering. I did the 6 miles and 4 miles on the 15th and 16th of August but that is where the […]

Marathon ramp up starts here

Despite my desire to stay in bed after the half marathon, I have tackled my doubt and started ramping up my training this week to get me ready for the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. There are eight weeks to go and I'm currently at 24 miles per week. Conventional wisdom suggests you can increase […]

We Finished!

We're back home and getting ready to head out to Brunch to celebrate Melissa completing her first half marathon! We ran together all the way and even got some pics taken along the way holding our hands in the air to celebrate! We finished in 2:12:40 for an average pace of 10:08 per mile. We […]

Done with training

Yesterday was the last run of our training for the half so now it's all about hydration, carb loading and preparing mentally for Sunday. We had an easy tapered schedule this week dropping from 4 to 3 to 2 miles over the last 3 days. The only issue we've had this week has been the […]

Last long run done before the half marathon!

We romped home in 1:42 for our 10 mile run today wrapping up the long runs required for our training! We were both a little under the weather on Thursday so we missed the 5 mile run we were supposed to do but in some ways it was great to take the extra rest. This […]

Two weeks to the Chicago Distance Classic

I had no idea it has been 2 weeks since my last blog entry and it isn't supposed to read like a confessional! Since my last entry we've run 7 miles, 8 miles, 10k and today we ran 9 miles as part of our half marathon training. This is in addition to the 5-3-5 midweek […]

Tough end to the week

It's been a long week and I was glad to have the extra hour in bed this morning with a rest day in the training schedule. We ran the 4.5 mile, 3 mile, 4.5 mile schedule Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but yesterday brought a different kind of stress. I did my first newsletter mailing today […]

Tough start to the week

Both Melissa and I felt rough this morning as the alarm clock sounded at 5.45am for our 4.5 mile run. Despite getting to bed at a reasonable time last night we were both still wiped after the 7 mile run on Sunday when it hit 95 degrees by the end of the day. For anyone […]

Beat the heat

It's 84 degrees outside right now and I'm hydrating to make sure that when Melissa and I go outside I don't shrivel up. We're running 7 miles today as part of the half marathon training and we were too tired to head out really early today to beat the heat. I'm thrilled that the new […]