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Nike Speed+

I just read on ipodnn that Nike accidentally leaked a product onto their European website and then pulled it back again. The device called the Nike Speed+ eliminates the need for an iPod Nano, or any iPod at all, by displaying the feedback from the Nike+ sensor on a watch device capable of showing pace and calorie information. This appears to be distinct from the unreleased Amp+ which is supposed to act as a remote for the iPod Nano as well as displaying the sensor information.
As for my own announcements, I've just signed up for the Chicago Distance Classic (half marathon) in August and the Chicago Marathon in October. Tonight I'm attending a Team in Training meeting to take part in the San Diego marathon in June. Two and a half marathons!
My training has been picking back up again after my physical therapy to address the tendonitis I was experiencing on the inside of my ankle. The physical therapist had a few revelations about my running style and my arch support in my shoes.
I woke up this morning and felt that tell-tale ache on the inside of my ankle again. I felt it a little while I was on the ghetto treadmill in our building. One of the things I notice about the treadmill is that although it faces a mirror with a hole cut out for a TV, the alignment of the treadmill is angled to point more directly at the TV. I'm curious if the reason I felt the pain was that I was subconsciously trying to correct my run so that I was running towards the mirror. Either way, it was foolish not to stop and either turn the treadmill or just stop. Prior to this I had run on a mirror-less treadmill at the gym and even done 3 miles outside without an issue. Hopefully two days rest will help.