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Still running but less blogging

Things have been hectic around here, so much so I've not had much time to blog. So when Melissa showed me the “no blog entries available” message on her screen I felt like I should post something. The response to my Team in Training fundraising campaign has been overwhelming with over $1900 raised of $3900 so far with 3 months to go!
Since I started training we discovered that Melissa's step-brother's 3 year old girl Haidyn was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. This was quite a blow and just makes the cause even more worthwhile.
The running has been going well and I've hit every long run so far. The shorter runs I'm getting 2 out of every 3 on average due to a combination of lame excuses including terrible weather and co-ordinating a gallery opening in Chicago where me and 14 other photographers from my ChiFlickr group exhibited our work. The opening was a huge success and attracted over 300 people that night. I've been running around printing things, framing things, hanging things and making sure everyone else had their stuff done on time so it's been quite hectic. The weather has been less than co-operative with some -30 degrees fahrenheit temperatures with the wind chill. I've been treadmill training a little until about two weeks ago and then I just gave in, wrapped up and made it outside.
I've realized that the combination of my heart rate monitor and the pace display on my Nike+ device make an excellent team to help me complete my runs. It has been a case of push and pull. I know my short and medium runs are supposed to be at a heart rate equivalent of 70% of max effort (according to current opinion), so I have been recording my average heart rate and trying to maintain a steady pace each time I run using the nike+. After some experimentation, I've worked out that 9:10 per mile is good for my short runs and allows me to finish with energy left over and no aches or pains. Over my longer runs, including 8 miles yesterday, I have been able to run at 9:30 per mile to get an average of 70% of max HR over the run. Again, I finished my run yesterday with energy to spare and the only problem was the chill across my big belly where the wind cut through my shell jacket! I think as I lose more weight with the increased mileage, the belly will get smaller and stick out less so it won't turn red again.
I promise I'll try to blog more from now on and hope you'll get something out of reading along. If you have any running questions you think I might be able to help with, drop me a line!