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Training Diaries for WalkJogRun

I've managed to put off my procrastination and worked through a very important piece of the functionality for WalkJogRun's newest feature. Within the next few weeks I'll be launching a limited beta of the training diaries for WalkJogRun. I've been putting this off for well over a year but I have turned the corner in terms of development. All that remains is the addition of some suitable reports and testing it. Through my deliberation there have been several other online training diaries that have sprung up, one notable character being the Nike+ site. I don't have the marketing dollars to compete at that level but I do know that my site offers a more flexible approach through the ability to track training without the need for a Nano and Nike+ device. I'm banking on the fact that many of my regular visitors will sign up for the service too (just over a third of a million visitors last year and growing!).
This week I've managed to get all my three training runs in so today is a rest day before the step back run tomorrow of 45 minutes with the Team in Training crew. After last year's success in the Shamrock Shuffle, finishing 5 miles in 39:39, I've been accepted into starting corral B for the event which is great news. I was worried about my fitness to be able to run an 8 minute mile when my training runs are about the 9 minute mile mark so last night I did a test. I was able to sustain an 8:30 pace for the run with an average heart rate of 85%. This suggests there may be just enough juice in me to hit 8 minute miles for the race in just over 2 weeks. Of course I'm probably getting ahead of myself so I'm going to email the coaches for Team in Training to see if there is anything I can do to prepare.
On the team in training note, I've added some text to the WalkJogRun homepage to say that if every visitor for 1 day to the site contributed just 5 dollars or just over 2 pounds I would have 10,000 dollars in my training account for the charity.