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Nike+ iPod Nano Sensor: Low Battery

I remember reading the instruction book when I bought my Nike+ sensor that it would eventually die but I had no idea it would be so soon. I have to confess I never turn off the sensor and have run over 531 miles in the last year with it so it has certainly taken a beating but I would have expected it to last at least as long as a watch battery.
The units are sealed so it means I have to pay another $30 for a new sensor now. It's pretty good value if you break it down:
$30 = about 5 cents per run OR 8 cents per day for statistics about my running patterns and a pace guide.
If your battery dies when you're in the middle of a run you can use WalkJogRun to plot your running route and see how far it was and how many calories you burned so all is not lost!