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Sweet Temptation

Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought my new Nike Air Structure Triax 10 running shoes and some other bits and pieces. The running shoes are now in yellow and black, an upgrade from the red and black accents in the last pair. Super Feet have also released gender specific orthotic inserts so I bought a new pair of those too. This is all driven by my latest injury created from running a marathon on a cambered highway in a pair of shoes with too many miles on them.
I also got a new Nike+ sensor since the last one was running low on battery power after a year of running. Melissa pointed out that Nike now has a new armband for the iPod Nano Sport Kit setup so you can finally see your display through a panel in the band. Prior to this you had to shuffle down the neoprene material to get any feedback about the buttons you were pushing. Melissa bought one and I guess I'll have to wait til next week. My last purchase was a new pair of Balego comfortable socks.
So I have all my new stuff and I'm going to go for a 3 mile run, even though a part of me is nervous that it might be too far still for my recovering foot. At least we're running the 3 mile loop from our house which means at about 2 miles I have the option of cutting across the grass to get home. Some of my previous runs since the marathon I've been stuck 1 mile out from home when I realized that the pain was back and I have to walk that last mile, not helping my condition. Hopefully this won't be too much and I'll be home in three miles looking at this and feeling smug. I'm hoping the new shoes and inserts will be enough cushioning to save me limping home.