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Tough end to the week

It's been a long week and I was glad to have the extra hour in bed this morning with a rest day in the training schedule. We ran the 4.5 mile, 3 mile, 4.5 mile schedule Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but yesterday brought a different kind of stress.
I did my first newsletter mailing today to the 6,000 members who opted in over the last year to WalkJogRun for infrequent email updates and I've got to tell you – it was a blast! I wrote the content and Jeff put together a design for the format, correcting a few things here and there. At 1pm CST 6,000 WalkJogRun members emails were on their way and we had 5 mins to wait before the stats started to come in.
The first response is all the bounces from mail servers around the world declaring that users are no longer there. Next was a swarm of Out of Office replies in the reply to email address box. Some of these were “I'll be out of the office until…” but some were “I'll be out of the office – forever! I no longer work at …”. Some of these were really funny to read, others straightforward. Being obsessive about things like this, every 15 minutes I would hit refresh to see the open rate and clickthrough rate climbing. As it stands at 2pm (26 hours into the mailing) there have been 1,729 unique opens and a 486 clickthroughs to the site or the articles, 34 people have unsubscribed and 176 emails bounced. I've had some really nice notes from people saying how much the enjoy using the site and that we should even ask for forgiveness and permission from our wives to keep up the hard work adding new features!
If anyone has any questions about running topics you think I may be able to answer or questions about how to use the site, feel free to drop me a line and you may even see your question reposted here in the blog for everyone's benefit. If you didn't receive the mailing you can see it here.