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Last long run done before the half marathon!

We romped home in 1:42 for our 10 mile run today wrapping up the long runs required for our training! We were both a little under the weather on Thursday so we missed the 5 mile run we were supposed to do but in some ways it was great to take the extra rest. This week we just have 4 miles, 3 miles then 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively before the big race next Sunday.
Melissa did great today, especially considering it was the first time she has ever run 10 miles. I got a little frustrated at the end because we missed the “400 meters to go” announcement on our iPods and because we were running a slightly different route it bugged me that I couldn't visualize the finish. It was a nice surprise though when Melissa turned to say “oh, I guess that's it!”, even if my reaction wasn't the best. One bottle of gatorade and a handful of pretzels later we're going to shower and head out for a nice panini to reward ourselves.
I think next time I'll use WalkJogRun to make sure I know exactly where the finish line is!