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News you can use

Find out what to wear in the cold, where to buy it and how it helps prevent stress. We've just mailed the November edition of WalkJogRun's newsletter to just under 25,000 members. If you didn't get the memo, check it out.

Out and Back and more

Last night Jeff and I had another late night fixing some of the annoying bugs in WalkJogRun and made some other tweaks: Removed new ad unit when you click create route so it no longer covers the speed/pace controls on small screens Re-ordered the create route controls to put the most common items at the […]

Bug Fix: Save as new route

Several of you reported that when you try to tack on extra mileage to an existing route or make edits to save as a new route, your original route would vanish. It turns out this was a bug we introduced with the redesign and I've just fixed it. Sorry to anyone who has experienced this […]

Mental Exhaustion

I'm happy to say that with only 2 weeks to go to the Chicago Marathon the only exhaustion I'm facing is mental and not physical. I know it sounds strange but it's a relief because I know that as part of my taper I'll be backing off the mileage and will start to feel stronger, […]

16 mile run around Manhattan's Greenway

This weekend we were visiting family in New York and, since the marathon isn't going to run itself, we had to fit in a 16 mile run. My initial thought was to look around Central Park on WalkJogRun but for that kind of distance I only found some multi-lap routes. Since I'm not as familiar […]

Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon PR

I ran the Chicago Distance Classic yesterday as part 2 of my 3 race season with Team in Training. After my Indy Mini PR of 1:58:20 I had a good head start on my training with 14 weeks between races to see how much faster I could get. The Team in Training Summer program features […]

1,000 miles logged with the iPod Nano

Woohoo! 393 miles in 2008 so far and the rest since June 2006 means I'm a member of Nike's 1000 miler club.

Clicking on lines and the Chicago Distance Classic 2008

Two updates this week of note. The biggest announcement is that after meeting John Bingham and Coach Jenny to discuss the site last week, they asked WalkJogRun to be the official map provider for the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon! I took the map provided by the route certifier and created the 13.1 mile route. […]

Draggable turn markers and scroll wheel zoom

I had some downtime at my conference in DC so I worked on WalkJogRun and knocked out some frequently requested features. Draggable turn markers When I work out a route before my run with WalkJogRun I usually don't stress about the detail of every click but when I come back I typically tidy it up […]

Saving the planet one route at a time

One of the most common comments I get about WalkJogRun is from people who tell me they are glad they don't have to drive their routes any more to work out how far they go. 212,000 routes represent 1,354,000 miles. At an average of 30 miles per gallon that is 45,133 gallons of gas! I […]