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Draggable turn markers and scroll wheel zoom

I had some downtime at my conference in DC so I worked on WalkJogRun and knocked out some frequently requested features.

Draggable turn markers

When I work out a route before my run with WalkJogRun I usually don't stress about the detail of every click but when I come back I typically tidy it up to maake it more accurate. Up until now that involved hitting the “delete last point” button to back track to the point where I need to make changes, finish the route and hit save to update it.
Now you will see yellow dots at each turn in the route to allow you to drag them around the map and reposition them to be more accurate. You can move the start and finish icons now too. It was an instant winner for me because I created an out and back route using the “return to start” link on the finish marker bubble and was able to drag the return section markers to take a slightly different route on the way back.

Scroll wheel zoom

Last summer I turned on the scroll wheel zoom feature of Google Maps so you can control the zoom of the map with your mouse but it caused problems because it kept pounding the web server asking for a list of routes for every click of the mouse wheel and so I disabled it again with the intent of working out how to make it work.
Since viewing routes across the whole of the US is really a passing curiosity for most visitors and not the purpose of their visit, I added a rule that it would only show routes when you get to a certain zoom level on the map likely to be used to work with routes. This reduced the stress on the server and made it possible to turn the scroll wheel back on again. Give it a shot!