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Clicking on lines and the Chicago Distance Classic 2008

Two updates this week of note. The biggest announcement is that after meeting John Bingham and Coach Jenny to discuss the site last week, they asked WalkJogRun to be the official map provider for the Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon! I took the map provided by the route certifier and created the 13.1 mile route. There will be updates to come including aid stations, sponsored water stops and bathrooms but for now it's live at WalkJogRun.net/cdc. I'm running it again this year and looking to beat my Indy Mini time of 1:58:20…
The other announcement is a bug fix. When creating routes you may have noticed that if you clicked to add a turn marker on top of one of the blue route marker lines, it wouldn't register. Last night I changed some code to make it possible to click on the lines to add turn markers.