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Out and Back and more

Last night Jeff and I had another late night fixing some of the annoying bugs in WalkJogRun and made some other tweaks:

  • Removed new ad unit when you click create route so it no longer covers the speed/pace controls on small screens
  • Re-ordered the create route controls to put the most common items at the top and added the out and back control, previously only found by clicking the finish pin.
  • Added a start/finish pin for out and back routes, previously the start and finish pins overlapped making it hard to click on the finish pin.
  • Better zoom for more accurate search results – when you search for an address and the Geocoder has street address level accuracy, the map will be zoomed closer than city level accuracy to reflect the fact that you know where your address is on the map. We also added an initial search result pin so you can see where the Geocoder thinks you are looking for.

That's it for this week, let us know if there is anything you find tricky, have trouble with or if you just have some good ideas for the site!