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Using the iPhone 3GS with the Nike+ sensor

I've owned the foot sensor for some time but not run with my iPod Nano in quite a while. I do like to run with my phone just from a safety standpoint so the Nike+ integration was an exciting development.
Despite having our own iPhone app I was keen to see how the Nike+ piece worked. I looked around and until today I couldn't find out how to get the Nike+ app or get it all working.
I found a review on CNET explaining how to get it all working. Basically go to your iPhone settings and scroll down looking for Nike + iPod on the settings page. Flick the switch to ON and then hit the sensor button to start pairing your sensor with the phone. Now when you go back to your list of apps you'll see the Nike+ app and can start training.
When you sync your computer after your first workout it will start synching your workouts with the Nike+ site if you have an account or prompt you to create one.