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Avoid the Belkin sport armband for iPhone

Having discovered the Nike+ app on my iPhone last week I ordered a new Nike+ sensor for my shoe (the old one had cracked somehow), and ordered the Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone from Amazon. I'm sad to say I threw out the packaging so I can't return it. What can you do? I wrote a scathing review of course and continued the drum beat here :-)

Did anyone at Belkin try this with an iPhone?

I was sorely tempted to produce a video review instead to show the complete failure of this product but figured it would waste more time than it took me to shop for it.
If you take the armband and put it on, it feels *fairly* secure. Add an iPhone 3GS and very quickly you realize what a waste of money this would be. It flops up and down and the arm band wiggles it's way down your arm unless you have it tight enough to constrict the blood flow, at which point you're at risk of fainting during exercise :-)
I had the Nike+ neoprene armband for my nano when I used the old sport kit and the velcro fastener and neoprene combo made it easy to wrap firmly around your arm, partially waterproofing the nano but also securing it completely. I'm going to have to try to find one like that for the 3GS in person at a store since I've unfortunately ditched the packaging and can't return this hunk o junk.