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21 Days until My 13.1

I realized yesterday that I have exactly 21 days until my first half-marathon. This started to freak me out!
As entering this race was a spur-of-the-moment decision to celebrate my 25th birthday, I was eager to get my training started. So, I simply went to RunnersWorld.com and plugged in my information to generate a training schedule. Training by myself and using a website's training program has proven to be a test of my ability to commit. So far I've been pretty proud of myself!
Last Monday I did my first 9 miler after flying in from LA and working an eight-hour day. Result? Well, I finished in 1:29:14. Then I was beat for the rest of the night! Wednesday I did a quick two miles, and then Friday seven miles. My legs tired out around mile four, which began to worry me. How will I be able to run nine more miles on race day?
Tomorrow's my second day to run 9 miles. This time I should be well rested and ready to go!