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Armour for my 8-miler

Just finished what I would call the worst run of my running career. Today in Chicago it's supposed to reach 90 degrees, so I figured a run at 10 am would beat some of that heat. However, perhaps I'm exaggerating, but by the end of the run, I thought I was feeling the beginnings of heat exhaustion. Don't worry, I'm fine!
As I headed down to the Lakeshore path, I heard what I thought were the planes practicing, which they've been doing all week, for the air show this weekend. Well, they weren't practicing, the show was actually going on! Once I hit the path I saw hundreds of people. It was too late to turn back as I already planned my 8-mile route on WalkJogRun. So I braved the unrelenting crowd as people decided not to move over for runners or bikers, stop in the middle of the path, and also have their little kids zig-zag across the path.
This brings me to my next point: I did not wear a shirt over my sports bra today, thinking I wouldn't be seeing this many people. I'm hoping I didn't offend anyone, but then again, there were many girls dressed as I was. And plus I was on the beach, where there were bikinis galore. I did wear my most modest bra though, which happens to be my favorite. Read on.
Favorite Sports Bra: The Under Armour Endure
I've tried out a fair amount of sports bras, and as my runs got longer, I started to buy the expensive specialty ones that gave super support. My first one, which I still like, I bought from Fleet Feet for $40. It's the Moving Forward brand, but I'm unsure of the style. I first liked it because it has an adjustable band with bra hooks. The only down fall of this one is that it's low-cut. If I simply wear a tank over it, I'm definitely putting on a show
Then I hit the jackpot when I decided to splurge and spend $50 on the Under Armour Endure. Pros: high cut so no cleavage is shown, lined so nothing else inappropriate is shown, and a cris-cross back. Cons: Well, I've had it for a couple weeks and the only con I can come up with is that it only comes in black and white. I would like to add a little more color to my runs!