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Finished My First Half Marathon!

Today I ran the inaugural Madison Mini Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin. I was pretty excited the whole week leading up to this event, and I couldn't sleep most of the nights!
Race Start: I started with the 2:20 group. While I was standing there waiting for the start, I began to get really nervous. Finally it was my turn to cross the start line, so I started my Nike+ Sportband and I was off! My goal was to finish before at two hours exactly, despite my Runnersworld.com training schedule having me finish at 2:05.

I'm from Wisconsin, but I had never done a long-distance run there. I've been training on the flat, even surface of the Lakeshore Drive path in Chicago. I soon remembered how hilly Wisconsin is!
A summary of my thoughts throughout the race
Mile 3: “Whoa, ten more miles?!”
Mile 4: “Why is my Nike+ .3 miles off?” (This would soon stretch to .8 miles off. Not fun!)
Mile 6: “Well, only seven more to go.”
Mile 7: “Sweet, more than half way done!”
Mile 9: “Alright, only four left.”
Mile 10: “Now it's just a 5k!” I picked up speed, and switched my iPod to play a bunch of power songs in a row.
Mile 11: “I'm at 1:43. I can do this!”
Mile 12.9 “The finish line!”
I got a surge of adrenaline and started sprinting. I had no one around me, and I felt like I was the only one running the race! I crossed the finish line at 2:02:03. Nice! I got my finishers medal and was all smiles!
I will definitely do this race again. There were so many people cheering us on all along the route. Photos were taken on Madison's famous gigantic Memorial Union chair, which if you're familiar with them, was really exciting!
My results: There was a total of 2453 runners. I came in 1435th place, and 579/1278 for women. I was quite happy! I'm ready to sign up for my next half!