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Lost Ambition and Lost iPhone (Important Read if You Run with the iPhone)

It's crazy what two days, well now three of five days, off from running has done to my motivation. I woke up Monday morning knowing I had to get three miles in. I didn't do it. That's not like me. I finally ran later that night, but only after I sat and watched my favorite television shows. It also helped that my boyfriend is training for his first 5k and he wanted to run, so I got up and ran with him. Sidenote: I somehow convinced him to do the Susan G. Komen 5k, which takes place on Sunday, with me and my friend. It'll be his first race, and come to think of it, my first 5k.
I should backtrack and explain why I took these days off. I was out of town over the weekend enjoying all that is Las Vegas. I did sneak in 7 miles before my flight out of Chicago, though. So, come Monday morning, I was just not up to running.
I do have six miles to do tonight, which I am planning on doing. Perhaps this will help me get back on track.
iPhone + Running = “severe water damage”:
Another reason for my slip is my MP3 player situation. My iPhone suffered “severe water damage,” according to the guy at Apple, and no longer works. He said it could've happened yesterday or six months ago; there's no way to tell. I had to buy a new one while on vacation.
Considering how much I paid for the iPhone to begin with, I treated it like it was my baby. I don't recall it ever getting wet. Then my friend asked me, “Do you run with it?” Ah ha! I do get grossly sweaty, and so does my armnband, so perhaps this was the reason. Thus, I will not be running with my new iPhone. This presents a great problem for me. I always run with music. I've never gone with out. I do have the first version of the Nano, but this can no longer be updated, so I'm stuck with music I listened to while in college- hardly the music I want to run to!
Such a conundrum.