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The Chicago Marathon Spectator Experience

Cut to the end of this entry, Adam may have inspired me to run a marathon!
Sunday began bitterly cold, but I figured if Adam was out running 26.2 in that weather, I could stand all bundled up and watch him! So, I bundled up, in clothes that I thought would keep me warm, and headed out to mile 8. If you were in Chicago on Sunday, you know that the city was hard to navigate through with all the street closures and crowds walking in all sorts of directions.
My first “this is awesome” feeling came when I could hear roaring cheers before I could see any runners. The crowd was amazing, even in such cold weather! When I reached mile 8, I picked out a spot where my line of vision wouldn't be interrupted.
I watched as the front runners passed. Wow. The following group of runners looked so ambitious. This was my second inspirational experience.
I then realized that I had no idea what Adam was going to be wearing or even where he was placed in the pack. How was I going to find him? Well, I remembered he posted a picture of his marathon outfit, so I loaded it on my iPhone screen and stood there with it in hand trying to match my screen to the runners. It worked! I saw Adam as he turned the corner and I started cheering, or “quietly cheering” as Adam would later tell me!
As I walked home, I felt the urge to run. I didn't, but that's not the point! I never gave the idea of running a full marathon much thought until I saw one in action. Perhaps I will do one…We'll see!