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Detroit Marathon Deaths- Should I Still Run?

Last week, three men died while running the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon. If you're not familiar with the story, three men, ages 26, 36, and 65, died within a 16-minute span. The 26 year old, Jon Fenlon, was diagnosed as a child with having a large heart, but was cleared to race numerous times. For Rick Brown, 65, this was one of over 50 marathons he ran. You can read more from the Detroit Free Press.
Reading this story has made me rethink my new love of running and my goals to run half marathons and full marathons. I'm pretty healthy, but I'm scared of sudden death caused by an unknown health condition. Then again, we face danger each time we step out of our homes. Should I also be scared to leave my house?
Running has taken over my life. If I stop now, what will I do? It's my exercise, my therapy, and my hobby. There's not much like it that can replace it.
For now, I'll continue running and let my fears subside…