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A Brief History of Women Running

In the last 40 years, many advances have been made in women%u219s running. Inspirational women like Roberta Gibb, Joan Benoit, and Paula Radcliff have helped to make the sport what it is today. How women's running came to be: 1928- First year women were allowed to compete in Olympic Track & Field events- the 800m- […]

Running a Half While Sick (and the race ran out of water)

My second half marathon did not go nearly as well as I hoped it would. I trained for eight weeks and then of course got sick the week before the race. It was a bad cold complete with fever, aches, and stuffy nose. I knew my loss of appetite would not be good for my […]

Running for a Personal Record at the Tyranena Beer Run

I have my second half marathon coming up on Saturday. I'm running the Tyranena Beer Run in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. It's a small race- with the 1/6th marathon and half marathon totaling 1500 participants. When I told this to Adam, he said, “You could probably place!” So, as usual, this idea was put into my […]