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Running for a Personal Record at the Tyranena Beer Run

I have my second half marathon coming up on Saturday. I'm running the Tyranena Beer Run in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. It's a small race- with the 1/6th marathon and half marathon totaling 1500 participants. When I told this to Adam, he said, “You could probably place!” So, as usual, this idea was put into my head. I've been jazzed about the race for a good week now, and even more so after I drove by the route the other day.
I mapped it out and it's a relatively flat race, much less hilly than my first in Madison, Wisconsin. Because of this, I hope to PR this race. Can I place? I looked up last year's results. Answer: I'll place pretty much smack in the middle of everyone. Oh well, this is just my second race! My goal is to eventually get to that point where I know I have a good shot at placing.
It'll be my first race for which roads are closed, I'll have to run on the left side, and run single-file. This will be interesting, but definitely a good experience. Knowing that I won't place, I now look forward to the lasagna, brewery tour, and the UW-Badger football game playing in the tent afterward!