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Running a Half While Sick (and the race ran out of water)

My second half marathon did not go nearly as well as I hoped it would. I trained for eight weeks and then of course got sick the week before the race. It was a bad cold complete with fever, aches, and stuffy nose. I knew my loss of appetite would not be good for my training (yes, I still ran during the week, but not as much as I was supposed to).
I asked our Twitter and Facebook fans if they'd run if they were sick. The response was an overwhelming no. I know, I should have listened, but I'm stubborn! Plus I spent a total of $90 for registration and transportation.
But much to my surprise, my being sick was not the worst part of the race. The Tyranena Half Marathon ran out of water cups at miles 5 and 10! Come to find out later, they were reusing cups. This may have been the reason why I was able to get water at mile 8.
Let me back up and give more details on this excruciatingly awful race day. It was sunny, in the lower 70's, and the race began at 11:30. Race directors should have taken all of these conditions into mind and planned for more water.
As mile 4.6 approached, I was in need of water. I had the dehydration head and side aches. Mile 5: Where's the water?! Finally, after running up a hill nearing mile 5.5, I saw a table…but it was empty! Needless to say I was upset. They got water out of a well and poured it into my hands to drink. What was this?! This only exacerbated my horrible feelings.
The rest of the course was on a state trail. There were no first aid stations or patrol people to make sure everyone was at least alive. This worried me. Mile 10 came. No water. So I walked the rest of the race. I finished in 2:45, but I was a-okay with that. Oh, and they ran out of water bottles and bananas at the end of the race.
To cap it off, there was no medical tent at the end of the race. The DJ had to ask over the speaker system if there was a doctor on the grounds. I'm glad I didn't need any medical attention.
I've began training for my third half marathon. This one will be in Los Angeles. Even if it's bad conditions, just this fact alone will make it my favorite race. It already is!
Have you had a bad race experience? If so, please comment below.