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Oops, There Goes My Training (Sort Of)

The holidays took more of a toll on my training than I had anticipated. First, the traveling was hard to deal with. On Christmas Eve I worked out in the morning in a gym with more people on treadmills at one time than I had ever seen. I knew the house I'd be visiting that […]

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Are you worried about going off track during the holidays? Me too! Below are “rules” that I follow when going to parties in general, and do so more strictly during the holidays. Drink water! This is my golden rule I follow any time I know I'll be faced with a lot of food and spirits. […]

Product Review: Brooks Nightlife Jacket

The Brooks Nightlife Jacket is one of the greatest purchases I've made for my runninng wardrobe. First, the 360 degree of candle power retroreflectivity will help ensure your visiblity when exercising outdoors in low-light conditions. It's availalbe in both neon yellow, which I have, and black with neon yellow accents. Now that the sun sets […]

Happy One Year Anniversary to Me

In November I celebrated my one year anniversary with WalkJogRun. What a year it's been! This time last year I was only running to stay in shape. The most I'd run was two miles. Writing the newsletters and talking to our users got me focused on training for races. This, and having Adam as a […]

Getting Ogled While Running

I was inspired to write this entry after an off-duty firetruck slowed down to watch me run. I could feel and see all four sets of eyes looking at me. Did I have something on my back? Was I running completely awkward? These are usually the first thoughts that come to mind when something of […]