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Product Review: Brooks Nightlife Jacket

The Brooks Nightlife Jacket
is one of the greatest purchases I've made for my runninng wardrobe.
First, the 360 degree of candle power retroreflectivity will help ensure your visiblity when exercising outdoors in low-light conditions. It's availalbe in both neon yellow, which I have, and black with neon yellow accents. Now that the sun sets at about 3:30pm here, I get good use out of this!
The zipper zips high, but unlike some jackets I own, I cannot feel the zipper rub against my neck as it's covered by a fleece cover.
Inside pockets hold money and an mp3 player with a hole for headphone cord. The chest pocket is the perfect size for my iPhone, so I wear this on my extreme long runs when I feel a phone may be necessary.
Drawstrings at the hip allow the user to make it as snug or as loose as possible. However, the only con of this jacket is what to do with the hanging strings once they've been pulled tight so they're not hitting your legs with each step.
The vents in the back and underarms allow for great breathability. It's also good in a variety of temperatures , good from 35-65 deggrees, depending on what you layer underneath. It's made of Brooks Shelter AireplexII 100% Polyester Microfiber with Teflon DWR. I've worn this in 30 degree weather with a long sleeve shirt and it was almost too hot! It's also wind and water resistant, so this is my go-to jacket for bad weather.
What's a great purchase you've made for your wardrobe?