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Oops, There Goes My Training (Sort Of)

The holidays took more of a toll on my training than I had anticipated.
First, the traveling was hard to deal with. On Christmas Eve I worked out in the morning in a gym with more people on treadmills at one time than I had ever seen. I knew the house I'd be visiting that night would be full of unhealthy foods, so my training session in the morning helped me make better choices that night. I snacked on oranges and drank a lot of water before a big meal of ham, potatoes, vegetables, sparkling wine, and bread. Whew, that's a lot of food!
I packed my running gear anticipating doing a run on my hosts' treadmill Christmas morning. Much to my dismay, this did not happen! The morning of opening presents, playing with new presents, and then preparing to head to the next family gathering took too much time.
The second culprit of my derailment was all the good food and drinks! I come from an Italian family, so holiday dinners are usually filled with pastas and wine. My family is good about offering vegetables and salads, but I must admit, it's hard to eat these when there's good (less-healthy) food galore!
Finally, I had to work the day after. This was a day-long process of getting up early and driving from the suburbs to the city, so there was no time to work out in the morning. Then I went straight from the eight-hour work day back to my hometown to hang out with my family. I spent the night eating McDonald's and drinking Fat Tire. Good stuff.
My holiday recap:

  • Runs missed: 3
  • Cookies eaten: 147
  • Glasses of spirits consumed: Enough to make a happy Briana happier!

I really did approach the holidays with the mindset that I can overcome temptations of all things unhealthy. As you may relate to, I see my family about four times a year, so I don't feel bad letting all my cares loose and enjoying my time with them. My training came second for a mere three days of about 60 previous days. Moreover, I didn't eat as bad as I make it sound, but I did eat things I don't eat as part of my daily diet. Thus, I don't feel that bad going off track. I just have to be very diligent until my race!
I still have two weeks until my half, and you can bet I'll be training every one of these days!
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