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Find a Running Event Near You

Powered by Active.com, our new Events page is a listing of running, walking, cycling, and triathlon events in the United States. For folks not in the U.S., don't worry, we're adding other countries in the new year. Simply type in your city and state and select the type of event you'd like to participate in. […]

WalkJogRun.net for Mashable Award

We've had quite the successful year so far thanks to all of your support. To round out the year, we're nominated for Mashable's award for Best Location-Based Service. We need your help to win! You can vote once a day through November 29, 2010. The top 5 from each category will be announced December 1 […]

Bank of America Chicago Marathon: My First Marathon!

My first marathon. I ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday. It should have felt fabulous when I crossed that finish line, right? That's what I was trying to tell myself. I put my hands in the air for the finish line photo because everyone else was and I thought that doing so would make me […]

Chicago Marathon Playlist

If you're like me, then the music you listen to while running greatly influences your pace. I know, I shouldn't be this reliant on my music. I run without music quite often, but I'm running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday and I figured if any distance needs music, it's a marathon! Listening to music while […]

WalkJogRun Premium Account

Are you annoyed by the ads on the WalkJogRun website? Good news! We've created a premium membership option that makes the ads on the site vanish if you're logged in. The premium membership is just $20 a year and you can unsubscribe at any time. In addition to an ad-free WalkJogRun experience, we'll send you […]

WalkJogRun Feature: Favorite Routes

Did you know you can mark routes as “Favorite”? It's another way to add to your growing list of WalkJogRun routes. Go ahead at try it out. It's quite simple: 1. Log in so your favorite routes can be added to your account. 2. Click on Routes to see your routes or to browse others. […]

WalkJogRun on Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2010!

Have you heard? WalkJogRun.net made TIME magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2010! How cool is that? We'd like to say a big thank you to all of you. Your support is invaluable. Really, we mean it! Here are the good words they said about us: “Stuck in a running rut? Walk Jog Run utilizes Google […]

The Trouble with iOS4

I wanted to share a support response I just sent to one of the users of our iPhone/iPad app WalkJogRun Running Routes. >Ok having difficulties. Sometimes my location is updated automatically and > sometimes it isn't. Also I purchased a training program today but now it > doesn't show up. Please help. Thanks. The change […]

Running and Blogging Again

I guess it's been some time since I blogged about running but I've been running silently for the last year until the birth of our two beautiful daughters Madison and Reese on July 12th. Last year I ran a PR for the Chicago marathon of 3:48:56 after building to a monthly mileage of 170 miles […]

Need a training plan to get you moving in the new year?

There's an running map for that! WalkJogRun has teamed up with Coach Jenny Hadfield to present version 3 of our iPhone application WalkJogRun Routes. Do I have to be a runner? Whether you've never run before or on your 10th marathon, these plans will help you achieve your goals and get fit. Beginner, Intermediate and […]