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Need a training plan to get you moving in the new year?

There's an running map for that! WalkJogRun has teamed up with Coach Jenny Hadfield to present version 3 of our iPhone application WalkJogRun Routes.

Do I have to be a runner?

Whether you've never run before or on your 10th marathon, these plans will help you achieve your goals and get fit.

How does it work?

  • Find the training plan to match your experience and race goals under the new Training section
  • Purchase the plan – prices range from 99 cents for 5k and 10k programs to $9.99 US for a 20 week marathon training plan
  • Receive a notification each morning with your training goal, training tip for the day and a link to help you find a route in your neighborhood

We hope these plans help you become the runner you want to be in 2010.
Available today in the app store today!
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