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Running and Blogging Again

Madison and Reese aged 1 weekI guess it's been some time since I blogged about running but I've been running silently for the last year until the birth of our two beautiful daughters Madison and Reese on July 12th.
Last year I ran a PR for the Chicago marathon of 3:48:56 after building to a monthly mileage of 170 miles in August. After the marathon my training became sporadic in the fall and winter peaking to just 67 miles in February.
I trained with Chicago Endurance Sports in the spring for a half marathon but the impending arrival of the twins left my motivation flagging so it took me a while after the training plan finished to get into a race and finish it. I ended up running the Soldier Field 10 miler as my race for the spring season but ran 14 miles as part of my training so I certainly had the distance covered, albeit at a training pace.
The issue I faced in the spring was knowing that I had sleepless nights ahead of me, my training would invariably suffer and with mediocre races ahead of me my competitive soul gave up trying. Part of me was just tired already with worry and planning for the arrival of the babies, part of me was tired from training for the last 4 years for marathons but the biggest component was definitely the “why bother” attitude that I wouldn't be getting satisfactory race results or PRs anytime soon. After the 10 mile race on May 29th I ran just 26 miles the next two weeks and then gave up altogether.
On June 21st I hired Briana, our WalkJogRun staff writer for my consulting business. Briana once wrote that I inspired her to run her first half marathon and, this year, will be running her first marathon in Chicago on 10.10.10 after watching me run last year. Having her sit across the desk from me each day talking about running: long runs, diet, injury and training schedules ignited my own desire to run again.
The twin girls were born July 12th, healthy and perfect for the most part. Okay, perfect in every way but I'm looking forward to the days when they sleep through the night so I don't wake up at 6:30 feeling sleep deprived.
This week Briana's inspiration finally broke through and I brought 3 days worth of running gear to the office. Monday was my first day and I put in a fun 3 mile loop at lunch around the neighborhood surrounding my office and then stretched and showered at the gym before heading back to the office. Tuesday was a brutal reminder that 3 miles is no mean feat for the undertrained and some light stretching gave me the relief I needed.
Today is day 2 of my comeback and I'm happy to say I'm looking forward to it. I'm still tired, but not too tired to run 3 miles. Fitting it in on my lunch hour (technically 1:15) means I only forego my lunch routine of checking emails, facebook and twitter before diving back into work. The other nice part is that it is predictable. Running first thing in the morning after a sleep deprived night takes more motivation than I can muster right now and is subject to outside influences I can't control. At lunch I have full control over whether I run or not so it's easier to fit in consistently, or at least that's my goal :-)
So a big thanks to Briana who has been my inspiration to start running again, not to mention that she's doing a phenomenal job in her new role as Associate at Adam Howitt Consulting. That's why I plan on cheering her along and you should too in Chicago on the morning of 10.10.10.
Have you ever run into the why bother mentality? Have babies or other hiccups interrupted your running career? Let us know what got you moving again (if anything!). If you're still on hiatus, head over to WalkJogRun and plot your first comeback run and don't look back.