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The Trouble with iOS4

I wanted to share a support response I just sent to one of the users of our iPhone/iPad app WalkJogRun Running Routes.
>Ok having difficulties. Sometimes my location is updated automatically and
> sometimes it isn't. Also I purchased a training program today but now it
> doesn't show up. Please help. Thanks.
The change in behavior of apps going into the background in iOS4 can be confusing to users since it leads to an inconsistent launch state. It's a really useful feature but if one time they open the app and they see a splash screen and the next they see where they were last time they opened it, it takes some getting used to.
Specifically for our app we use the launch time to find the user's initial location for route finding so we're clearly going to have to add a new “find me” button for the next release!
Here's what I wrote about the launch issue:
If you launch the app and it is already started, it's the new iOS operating system of the phone – it saves the app when you close it at the last point so if you reopen it before it needs the memory again it will start from where you left off which could also be the issue you mentioned.
To close WalkJogRun so it finds you next time

  1. Launch WalkJogRun
  2. Close WalkJogRun
  3. Double press the “home” button (located at the bottom of the phone)
  4. You should see a list of recently opened apps including WalkJogRun at the bottom of the screen
  5. Press and hold the WalkJogRun icon until it starts to shake
  6. Hit the red X to close WalkJogRun

This set of steps will remove it from the “recent” list so it launches from start again instead of a quickstart. Incidentally, this could be the issue you're having with the training plan not showing up. You may find that after you do these steps the program shows up. If not, go to training plans > find a training plan and repurchase. Apple knows you already paid for it so you won't be charged twice and it should tell you so. If not it means the original purchase didn't go through and you weren't charged.
I *believe* that's the issue Maya is having here but troubleshooting by email is always tricky. The other potential issue is that our app automatically jumps to the map once it has found you with a level of accuracy < 100 meters and she may be experiencing changes in signal. Here's what I wrote about that approach: The location depends on the phone's ability to find you so if you are somewhere with a weak cell phone signal, no line of site to the GPS satellites and not on wifi you'll certainly experience problems. On the initial screen where it tries to locate you try to wait until it shows you an accuracy of around 200 meters. If it doesn't automatically start the app you can touch the screen – it's waiting to see if the accuracy drops below 100 meters but if you're happy with what you see you can dive in.
If you have any trouble with the iPhone app or the iPad version please don't hesitate to go to the about screen in the app and hit contact the developers to send us a note about your problem. Sometimes it's us, sometimes it's the phone but we'll always get back to you.